Students are poppin’ tags for prom


Students hope to dress to impress at this year's Prom, possibly outdoing themselves compared to last year. (Photo: Supplied)

Students hope to dress to impress at this year’s Prom, possibly outdoing themselves compared to last year. (Photo: Supplied)

As this year’s junior-senior Prom draws near, the girls of Lecanto High School busy themselves searching for the perfect prom dress.

The dress search varies for each student. Some seek to fit the theme, “Forever Golden,” while others simply want to look good. Each student had his or her own requirements for their dress.

“My dress had to sparkle,” said senior Kristen Carney. “[It] happens to go with the theme, but not intentionally.”

“I shopped for something I’d like,” said senior Lainey Poulis. “I wanted the dress to be fitted and purple because last year it was too puffy.”

 “[I looked] for something I’d like,” said senior Savannah Weller, “something that I felt good in, and I would always remember.”

Some students, such as senior Angela McHugh, were influenced by characters or people they were inspired by.

“[I wanted] something classy that would show off my waist, mostly because I’m a big fan of Gone With the Wind, and that is something Scarlett would do,” said McHugh.

While it is traditional to look for Prom dresses at specialty shops, some students have branched out and found their dresses online at sites such as and

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“I went on Etsy and found something,” said McHugh. “I usually don’t shop online, but this year I did because it was a pretty, one of a kind dress I knew I couldn’t find anywhere else.”

“I had a lot of luck with my dress,” said Poulis. “I ordered it online and it just happened to fit perfectly.”

Some students are more wary of online shopping for such an important event and went to bridal stores and such.

“I went to David’s Bridal,” said Carney. “I can’t try [the dress] on online!”

 “I went to Patricia’s boutique, and K&G gallery,” said Weller. “[I wouldn’t buy a dress online] unless I had seen the dress in person.”

For those still in the market for a dress, students had recommendations.

“I would suggest David’s Bridal,” said Carney.

“Grace’s is a good place to go,” said McHugh.

Many students are looking forward to Prom, and their excitement and anticipation continues to grow.

“I’m excited. I will get to dance and be with my friends and sister,” said Poulis. “It is also my last prom.”