Ralph wrecks his way through DVD shelves

(Photo: Baumstark)

Wreck it Ralph is now available on store shelves.(Photo: Baumstark)

This family feature film has not only won the hearts of families all over the world, it was also nominated for an academy award for best animated film at the 2013 Oscars.

Wreck-it Ralph has been one of this year’s top family flicks and was an all-around fun movie. The film features many old school and new school video game characters that many fans can appreciate. Some of the characters featured are Sonic the hedgehog, Pacman, some street fighter characters, and many others. 

However, the story focuses on Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly), the bad character of a 30-year-old video game called “Fix It Felix Jr.” After Ralph is tired of being the bad person, he leaves his game to try to claim a status as hero. As the film continues, he stumbles into a game called Heroe’s Duty, a first-person shooter, and tries to claim the hero’s medal. After he takes the medal, he falls into an escape pod and crashes into Sugar Rush, a sweet driving game. As he struggles to reclaim his medal he encounters a character in the game called Vallnelope Van Schwetts (voiced by Sarah Silverman). As the story progresses, the two forge a friendship, and it turns out she is a glitch in the game.

Freshman Brendan Charette was a skeptic about the movie at first but liked it at the end.

“I’m more of an action buff, but I enjoyed seeing all the old games my parents grew up with and showing the video game generation,” said Charette.

Some people just enjoyed the fact it was an animated Disney movie and that the plot revolved around video games.

“I love animated movies, and it being about video games just tops it off,” said freshman Kayla Gabrielli.

As the movie comes to a close, it turns out that Venellope is not a glitch, and when Ralph crashed in the escape pod,  a virus from Heroes Duty called Na-no Bug was on board with him. It is up to Ralph to stop it from destroying Sugar Rush and closing it down for good.

A fellow Lecanto High School student thinks this film is the best he has seen yet.

“It was funny, awesome, and brought a lot of different elements to the table as a Disney movie,” said freshman Devin Seney.

Most fans would say this was a good movie and that any kind of movie lover would enjoy it. Freshman Trevor Bowsher speaks highly of this flick and would suggest it to everyone.

“If you like good quality fun, humor, and action then this movie will make you very satisfied,” said Bowsher.