Lady Panthers’ flag football teams suffer in the eye of the Hurricane

Running back Melanie Davis runs the ball and gains 15 yards for Lecanto High School. (Photo: Breedlove)

Runningback Melanie Davis gains 15 yards for Lecanto High School. (Photo: Breedlove)

The Lecanto High School flag football team kicked off the inaugural season with an away game against county rival Citrus High School, Monday, Mar. 13.

“We were so excited to be playing against Citrus,” sophomore junior varsity [JV] quarterback Gianna Cavallaro said.

The JV team had a rough start when CHS scored within the first few plays.

“We had a bad start, then we held the ‘Canes off for a little while,” sophomore JV runningback Kalynn Emery said. “But they came back strong and beat us.”

JV lost the game with a final score of 24-0. Lecanto felt their effort was 100%, but there were a few things that could be improved.

“We played a very tough game. [Citrus] had a very strong defense, so scoring against them would take a lot of strategy,” Cavallaro said. “I feel our defense and offense could have improved on their blocking, but they most definitely tried their hardest.”

“We cannot let the runners get past us. I know my defense is strong, and when Citrus comes back to play us at home, we won’t let them near the end zone,” sophomore JV striker Lizzie Schramm said.

“The game was a lot of fun. We got a feel for the game, and I feel our future games will be a lot better,” Emery said.

“I feel JV played awesome, especially for being made up of mostly freshmen. We had four bad plays that could be improved on. We just need to learn the game more, and we will win,” head coach Robert LeCours said. “They played with good attitude and effort, and I love that.”

The varsity team played later that night. The game started off at a tie for the first half, but soon the Lady Panthers began to slowly fall to Citrus with an ending score of 15-0.

“We had a strong first half, but as soon as our team started to lose, we lost effort and gave up,” sophomore varsity runningback Melanie Davis said.

“Our defense had a lot of preperation for the game. We practiced long and hard, and it paid off because we held the ‘Canes off for a while,” varsity sophomore Alexis Bond said.

Varsity has been working for weeks now. The girls started off with hardly the ability to run a play. Their knowledge for the game has grown, and with that, their ability to win a game is greatly increasing.

“I am very happy with the progress everyone has made in the last two weeks, and I am really impressed with the way everyone played,” senior varsity captain Amanda Pitre said. “Now the ‘first-game nerves’ are out of the way, and we’ve gotten some insight into our strengths and weaknesses, I know we are going to be successful and get even better throughout the season.”