Safe Haven is a safe choice for romantic, adventurous movie-goers

(Photo: Relativity Media and Temple Hill Entertainment)

(Photo: Relativity Media and Temple Hill Entertainment)

Known first as a book by the best-selling author Nicholas Sparks, “Safe Haven” is a mixture of a love story and a thriller that is sure to keep your heart melting and you on the edge of your seat.

Katie Tierney, (Julianne Hough) later known as Erin Tierney, moves to Newport, SC to escape her dark past. There, she meets a local store owner and father of two kids named Alex Wheatley (Josh Duhamel), and they quickly become intrigued with each other. After crossing paths and becoming closer, they fall in love, very similarly in the way that all the characters fall in love in Sparks’ novels – they do so hopelessly.

During this time, Kevin Tierney, (David Lyons) who is Katie’s alcoholic ex-husband, is searching for Katie using his authority as a police officer and creates false reports that she is a wanted murderer in order to find her and bring her back. Alex soon sees the reports, and he and Katie’s relationship becomes in jeopardy.

From here, the story takes a twist when Kevin finds Katie in Newport, and in a drunken rage, not only attempts to hurt Katie, but Alex’s family as well. This second half of the movie has almost a Stephen King type feel to it, and adds a refreshing taste to the normal Sparks films. If you like relatable romance entangled with heart-pounding scenes, this is definitely the movie for you.

The end of the movie has a enticing twist to it that most viewers do not see coming. Sparks felt the need to do something new and something he had not done before.

“What you do when you’re among the many decisions you make in the creation of one of my novels is we all know it’s a love story, right? We all know that. It’s love and something. You can have love and mystery, love and forgiveness, love and loss, first love, right? You can have all these things. This [Safe Haven] was love and danger. I chose love and danger because it’d been a long time since I’d done one,” Sparks said in an interview with Laura Stanley on