LSA students sketch out their futures with a trip to Ringling School of Art

Studnets got to view beautiful buildings like this one. (Photo:Gabrielle Zuniga)

Students got to view beautiful buildings like this one. (Photo: Zuniga)

Artists in all genres walked the halls of the Ringling School of Art as the Lecanto School of Art students (LSA) prepared for critiques of their artwork.

The LSA students took a trip to the Ringling School of Art on Saturday, February 2, and returned on Sunday, February 3.  Their first stop was at the Ringling museum, where many famous paintings and sculptures are housed. Some students visited the decorative home of the Ringlings’. The students later in the day found themselves in a figure drawing class using charcoal to create images of the posing model. The next day, they left the hotel to wait in line at Ringling to have their sketch books and other works critiqued by the many different schools that came to Ringling.

Most students found the trip interesting and exciting.

“The trip was fun, and my favorite part of the trip was the museum,” said sophomore Kasey Veltman.

The Ringling museum has many impressive works from the pre-renaissance era to modern art.

Status like this one were throughout the city. (Photo:Zungia)

Statues like this one were displayed on the school grounds. (Photo: Zungia)

Many of the students had a good time being interviewed by the schools; many got good critiques and useful tips on how they can improve their skills.

“I felt confident when the schools were looking at my stuff,” said junior Josh Alfred. “They gave me some good tips too.”

Colleges from around the United States came to Sarasota to interview students, and many students came around the world to be interviewed.

Not all of the LSA students may know where they want to go, but most enjoyed their time at Ringling.

“Right now I’m really not sure where I might want to go, but Ringling was a fun experience,” said Veltman.