JROTC visits Lecanto Middle School to recruit new members

Students got to show off their skills to up-coming freshman. (Photo: Eno)

Students got to show off their skills to upcoming freshmen. (Photo: Eno)

Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) went to Lecanto Middle School (LMS) this past Monday to explain the program and the benefits of joining to the upcoming 9th grade class.

JROTC carried out a number of activities to show LMS students what the program was really about.

“Our cadets performed exhibition rifle spinning by both boys and girls, demonstrated the air rifles used by our marksmanship team, provided a demonstration with the saber, talked to them about our color guard competition teams, informed them about our annual week-long Adventure Camp near Gainesville, and talked about the graduation requirements that enrolling in JROTC meets,” said Colonel David Brown. “We then gave the middle school students time to circulate around the room and handle the various rifles, sabers, and other items we took to the presentation. The middle school students asked questions of our students and about the program as well.”

The trip to LMS went great and everyone had a nice visit.

“We had a wonderful time and were excited to meet the students at LMS. It was an outstanding visit,” said Brown.

“I think people enjoyed us coming there. We let them hold the rifles. It was a humorous visit and I think we made them see that JROTC was a good thing. Some students really considered joining. All in all, it was a productive visit,” said senior Alex Sharp.

The JROTC students favorite part was a unanimous choice.

“When we pulled [out our weapons] the middle schoolers were like, ‘Wow,'” said junior Sarah Jenkins.

The main point of the LMS trip was to show the middle school students that JROTC is a good group to join in high school.

THe presentation was meant to encourage new enrollers. (Photo: Eno)

The presentation was meant to encourage students to enroll in the ROTC program. (Photo: Eno)

“We were promoting our militia and stimulating our recruitment. We were trying to get people to join JROTC,” said Sharp.

“We went to talk about JROTC and the benefits. We are trying to get a lot of people to join,” said Jenkins.

The students that attended the presentation were attentive and plentiful.

“I think they received [the message] well. A lot of people showed up,” said sophomore Craig Savage.

The eighth graders were also curious about the program.

“It was a pretty good crowd,” said Sharp. “I got to answer a lot of good questions. It was overall pretty fun.”