Wild Card Friday, December 7, 2012: Oh, Christmas tree! Oh, Christmas tree!


Christmas trees outside of Snow’s store are waiting to brighten up any home during the holidays. (Photo: Eno)

The holidays are always a cheery time for most people. Families get together, put flashy lights around the house, cook dinner, and of course, decorate a tree.

The question is, which tree should you buy? A real tree or an artificial one you can purchase from your closest Wal-Mart?

Real Christmas trees can be found all around the county. Snow’s Country Market & Produce in Holder has trees shipped right from the North Carolina Tree Association every year that are cut and ready to take home for the holidays.

The Fraser Fir takes roughly seven to eight years to grow to full maturity. There are about 15,000 Christmas tree growers around the United States and about one million acres of them growing on farms across the country.

While some believe a Christmas tree’s purpose is just to make a house look and smell seasonal during the holidays, store owner Georgia Snow thinks otherwise.

“It’s the whole experience of picking it out,” Snow said. “It’s not coming from a box. That’s the best part.”

Artificial trees from department stores can range anywhere from $20 to the hundreds. Snow’s trees start at about the same price, so cost-wise there is not much of a difference.

“Our six-foot trees start at about $29,” Snow said. “A pro is it makes your whole house smell good.”


Snow’s Country Market even has unique holiday gift items for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list! (Photo:Eno)

Although many enjoy the wonderful scent, there are some downsides to real trees.”Allergies,” Snow said. “They are not grown down here, and some people may react to them differently.”

Artificial trees are popular because all you have to do is set them up and make them look pretty, while real trees require more maintenance.

“When you pick out your tree, we cut about three inches off the bottom. We call it a fresh cut,” Snow said. “It allows the tree to drink and absorb water.”

While many people just to give their real tree tap water, Snow recommends otherwise.

“I would use purified water,” Snow said. “Farm irrigation systems are usually from a well, and it wouldn’t have the chemicals that tap water would.”


Snow also has poinsettia for sale to go along with your Christmas trees. (Photo:Eno)

While many enjoy the presence of a real Christmas tree in the home during the holidays, some still prefer the artificial one.

“I prefer a fake one because I don’t have to go the trouble of picking one out,” junior Emily Jonaitis said.

“I also prefer a fake one,” senior Alaina Moody said. “You buy it once, and you’re done.”

Whether you decide on a real tree this year or go artificial, the holidays are sneaking up quickly and it is time to celebrate!