AVID students hold car wash fundraiser


Sophomores Megan Risman and Shay Klein were glad to help out at the car wash for their AVID program. (Photo: Supplied)

Lecanto High School’s AVID [Advanced Via Individual Determination] students took some time out of their weekend to help out with a car wash Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012.

Many students had an enormous amount of fun helping AVID with the car wash and were eager to help the program.

“It seemed everyone had an outstanding amount of fun on Saturday, and I was glad to help out AVID,” said freshman Kirsten Greene.

“I think everyone had a bunch of fun at the car wash; I saw many people smiling there,” said sophomore Shay Klein.

Most students were glad to take their time out of their weekend to go and help AVID with the car wash.

“I was thrilled to be able to help out AVID yet again, last time with Pumpkin Carving and this time with the car wash,” said freshman Caroline Dixon.

Some students such as Dixon were incredibly enthusiastic about helping AVID again.

“I was happy to help out AVID last Saturday with the car wash and I will most likely be helping out AVID again,” said sophomore Megan Risman.

“I am extremely glad that I helped AVID again, it was so much fun,” said Dixon.