Halloween pumpkin carving challenge a hit with students and teachers


Lecanto teachers and students carved pumpkins to raise money for college visitation trips. (Photo: Schmidt)

Teachers and students cranked up their artistic abilities and started carving pumpkins. The pumpkin carving contest took place on Halloween, Oct. 31, 2012.

Most competitors were rather nervous about the judging, but they still enjoyed getting to carve their pumpkins.

“I was extremely nervous about what the judges would think of my pumpkin, but I was glad with their judgment,” said sophomore Austin Guth.

“I was very nervous about the judging, but in the end I was just happy I got to carve my own pumpkin,” said freshman Caroline Dixon.

“It was terrifying whenever I thought about the judges saying they did not like my pumpkin, but I was just glad to carve a pumpkin,” said freshman Kaylee Richardson.

Most competitors were satisfied with how they did when making their pumpkin, but they also felt rewarded because proceeds from the contest went toward the Advancement Via Individual Determination [AVID] program at LHS.

“Yes, I am very glad that I carved a pumpkin, and I wanted to have a fun time doing it, but I also wanted to support AVID,” said Guth.

“I was very satisfied with my pumpkin, and I believe that I did my best on carving the pumpkin, but I was also glad to help and support AVID,” said Dixon.

Overall, the students and teachers had a great amount of fun and were excited to help out as well as support AVID.

“It was an honor to help out AVID, and I will most likely be helping them out again if I am given the chance,” said Guth.