Boys’ varsity soccer team victorious against Citrus


Senior David “Zeke” Rice takes a penalty kick in hopes of scoring for LHS. (Photo: Filipinas)

The Lecanto High School [LHS] boys’ varsity soccer team played their first game of the season Nov. 5 and came out victorious as they chalked up their first win against rival Citrus High School.

The first game of the season is always a nerve-wracking experience for players. They get to see if they have what it takes to perform well throughout the year.

“It’s always nervous playing for the first time and hoping to perform well out on the field,” said freshman Chad Howard.

Though the Panthers were worried about their first game against the Hurricanes, they fought hard and earned their first win with the score of 2-0.

“It feels great winning against our rival and especially because it’s our first home game of the season,” said senior David “Zeke” Rice.

As the game took off, junior Lucas Repiso scored the first goal of the night within four minutes of the game.

“I wasn’t expecting to score fast, but there was an opening, and I had to take it,” said Repiso.

Junior John Cortolano steals the ball away from rival Citrus High School. (Photo: Filipinas)

The rest of the first half was intense, but the team kept hopes high and stayed calm.

“I think we were positive, and we pretty much stayed upbeat. We were able to keep from panicking when Citrus was pushing hard for a shot at the goal. Basically, we were able to keep our heads cool and get a win against Citrus,” said head coach Doug Warren.

The second score for LHS came in the last six minutes of the second half when Rice was able to score a goal against the Hurricanes.

“It’s a team effort, and it’s not one player out there; it’s the whole team,” said Rice.

Winning the first game confidently against CHS was a major moment for the team, as practicing and working out paid off.

“We’re working hard in our practices, and it obviously paid off today by winning against Citrus,” said  Rice.

The Panthers believe that this season will even be better this year as they have new players that are beneficial to the team and can contribute to their wins. The boys will have a chance to continue their win against West Port High School Nov. 14.

“It’s always good to get your first win and get that under your belt. I know we had two people score goals, but I think it was a total team effort, and everybody was moving around in different spots, filling in, and covering for everybody else, so I think they did a good job. I definitely would say that this was a group effort, and not a one-person win,” said Warren. “I think we worked really hard. Citrus is a tough team, and we came out victorious today.”