AVID students visit St. Leo to get a glimpse of the college experience

This group of sophomores in the AVID program found the trip to St. Leo very informative. (Photo: Supplied)

Lecanto High School’s AVID [Advancement Via Individual Determination] program provided their students the opportunity to visit St. Leo University Thurs., Nov. 15, 2012, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Through the AVID program, students are prepared to meet the four-year college threshold requirements by studying for college preparation in high school.

The point of the students traveling to the University is to learn about what they could get themselves into, on a good note, college-wise, to get them the best life possible in the future.

“We are going just to tour St. Leo,” sophomore Luis Leiva said. “It’s usually fun because when we went to other colleges, we all enjoyed being there, plus with a bonus of missing a full day of school.”

The AVID teacher for LHS, Matthew Bouthillier, is excited to have the opportunity and advantage to travel to many colleges with his students and be part of the AVID program as a teacher.

“I think that with traveling to St. Leo, the students in the AVID program will have the personal wanting to push themselves harder to get the grades they need to get and succeed in school,” Bouthillier said.

With students in AVID having the ability to view colleges from the outside world, they might have the personal yearning to achieve in high school and be able to attend the college they would like. With thanks to AVID, the students will have a higher chance in succeeding.