Toddlers and senior citizens roam the hallways of LHS


Seniors Cortney Toomey, Grace Payne, and Katelyn Sunday show their school spirit by dressing up as senior citizens. (Photo: Schmidt)

At Lecanto High School, students dressed up for Generations Day on Monday, Oct.1, 2012, as the first day of Homecoming Week.

Seniors and juniors dressed up as senior citizens, while sophomores and freshmen students dressed up as toddlers or babies.

Many seniors dressed up as senior citizens to show off their elderly school spirit.

“I dressed up because it’s my last year, and I want to have memories for when I’m older,” said senior Mikey Makros.

“I dressed up because it is my last year here, and this is one of my last chances to show off my school spirit,” said senior Grace Payne.

“I dressed up because I’m a senior, and I figured I would show off my school spirit, and I believed it would be funny,” said senior Kayla Baroni.

“I dressed up because it was funny and entertaining,” said senior Cortney Toomey.

While seniors and juniors aged dramatically, many sophomores and freshmen showed their school spirit by dressing as toddlers.

“I dressed up to show my school spirit, and because it is the one day you can just kind of mess around with what you wore,” said sophomore James Schwartz.

“Well, I dressed up to show some school spirit and encourage everyone to have a marvelous Homecoming Week,” said freshman Sarim Jatt.

“I dressed up because I wanted to show the school some of my  ‘fresh’ new school spirit,” said freshman Micaah Woodley.

As the first day of homecoming week was a success, many students will wear their tacky and craziest clothes on Tuesday.