Students spent a night at the carnival for Homecoming 2012


Students entered through the decorated gym hallway into the gym for the dance. (Photo: Chesser)

Saturday, Oct. 6, Lecanto High School held their carnival-themed homecoming dance in the gym for freshmen through seniors, celebrating Friday night’s football win against Wildwood High School .

When students arrived at 8 p.m., they waited in line to get their tickets checked and continued to the gym hallway, which was decorated with multiple boards painted with character bodies and holes where students could stick their heads in and take pictures.

Junior Amber Maynard enjoyed the creative sculptures and artwork displayed around the gym.

“I thought the decorations were very nicely done,” said Maynard.

Senior Kristin Buck is part of the student government program [SGA] that plans the dance, and she felt that the theme was successfully done.

“SGA did a very good job planning it with the help of the art department,” said Buck.

Students were not pleased that some of the lights in the gym were left on but did not let it affect their mood.

“I don’t really think it matters,” said Buck. “People still knew how to have fun.”

The homecoming queen, Cortney Toomey, and king, Kirk Osburn sit in their “thrones” to soak in their moment of royalty. (Photo: Chesser)

Many seniors enjoyed their time at the dance, especially because it was the last time they would go to a LHS homecoming dance.

“It was a good time,” said senior Nicolaus Avera. “I got to see all my friends have a good time too.”

“It was memorable and special since it was my last homecoming, and I was glad to spend it with my girlfriend,” said senior Michael Teti. “It was also memorable because one of my best friends finally went and really enjoyed himself.”

“I really enjoyed the music, and dressing up made it awesome,” said senior Katelyn Sunday.

Buck felt like the dance was a success, and the seniors voted to homecoming court were good choices.

“I feel like it was very memorable,” said Buck. “We had very good court selections which made it very interesting. Anyone who would’ve won deserved it.”

The Homecoming King was announced towards the end of the night, and the winner was Kirk Osburn.

“Being on court and to be voted by the seniors was an honor in itself ,” said Osburn. “Winning king was a surreal moment in my life, and it’s awesome to know that the whole school voted for me.”

Students who attended the dance felt that their friends who did not go really missed out.

“People should definitely regret not going, because it is more than likely that a majority of their friends went anyways,” said Teti. “Plus they missed the opportunity to make new, lasting memories.”

Senior Jordan Farmer felt kind of indifferent about her 2012 homecoming experience.

“It wasn’t better or worse than I expected,” said Farmer. “I had a fun group of people I was with, and it was drama free.”

Junior Krysti Gomes did not go to the dance and thought she would have had fun after hearing about it.

“I heard people say it was good, so yeah, I kind of wish I would’ve went,” said Gomes.

Overall, the 2012 homecoming dance at LHS was a blast for everyone that attended and special for the seniors.

“It’s something I won’t ever forget,” said Osburn.