Students go tacky, wacky, and just plain weird


Students show off their Tacky Tuesday tutus,tops, and tiaras. (Photo: Supplied)

Students at Lecanto High School looked rather tacky, and some just plain wacky, Tues., Oct. 2, for “Tacky Tuesday” during the homecoming dress-up week.

Senior Avery Arduser participated by dressing up in random, thrown together attire.

“My outfit started with the shirt, and then I found yellow pants, and it just evolved form there,” said Arduser.

Some students dressed up to show their hidden style.

(Top Left) Seniors Star Gonzalez and Casey DiGiantomasso pose in their tacky attire. (Top Right) Seniors Josh Swander and Zeke Rice are a tacky twosome. (Bottom) Rice said, “My awesome sock makes my outfit. It has a cape!” (Photos: Chesser)


“[Tacky day] allows me to wear what I would normally wear but what society doesn’t let me,” said senior Courtney Rymer.

“I dressed up because I get to show my true colors,” said sophomore Shannon Fernandez-Davila.

Students like Tacky Tuesday because it does not require the purchase of a costume.

“This is my favorite day because it’s easy to dress tacky, and you don’t have to buy stuff for it,” said senior Alex Griffin.

“It’s fun to dress up in clothes I never wear,” said junior Taylor Vent.


The seniors went all out and showed their true tackiness. (Photo: Chesser)

Although it is not a requirement for everyone to dress up, Vent feels that homecoming court nominees should be required to participate.

“Everyone on homecoming court should be forced to dress up,” Vent said. “They should have that school spirit.”

While some nominees chose not to dress up, senior king candidate Ryan Morrill had an inspiration: the stuffed animal he carried around.

(Left) Juniors Cera King and Gabby Spornhauer are a tactless. (Right) Senior Brian Imparato and junior Connor Crapser are a tasteless pair. (Photo: Chesser)


“My beaver, Big Brownie, is my inspiration. I sleep with him at night and he keeps me safe,” said Morrill. “This was the one day I could bring him to school.”

Junior Alex Strickland did not have an inspiration, but an idea given to him.

“My mom introduced me to my bunny cape, and I decided to wear it,” said Strickland.

No matter how tacky the outfit, it must still be appropriate.


Senior Lauren Siller, sophomore Sara Heathcoat, and juniors Cheyenne Shiling and Jarrod Branscum had very tacky costumes. (Photo: Chesser)

“It’s all fun until you get dress coded,” said senior Grace Jordan. “I had to pull my skirt down even though I had shorts underneath.”

Overall students had positive things to say about Tacky Tuesday at LHS.

“I can dress up like an idiot and not be judged and make people laugh,” said junior Devin Watrous.

“It’s only the greatest day of the year,” senior Zeke Rice said. “Make sure you put five exclamation points so people know how serious I am!”