Students disguise cell phones to trick teachers


Phone cases are everywhere, whether they are bejeweled, animal-like or even a solid color. One phone case almost tricked a teacher October 2, 2012.

This calculator phone case hides students’ cell phones from teachers. (Photo: Brown)

The phone case was a “calculator,” meaning on the back it looked like a calculator, and when placing the phone face down, it looks like just a normal calculator. Too bad for this student, social studies teacher Michael Perridge caught him with his scam.

“My famous ‘metal plate’ in my head was vibrating when a cell phone was in use,” said Perridge. “It was creative, I suppose, but it is hard to get away with things like that in ‘The House of Work.'”

Even though it was pretty sneaky, the student got caught and had his phone brought to attendance.

Some students at Lecanto High School thought that it was a good scam and would use it, but some thought that it was not a good idea.

“Yes I’d use it; I think it’s one of the smartest ideas yet,” said freshman Haley Giaras. “I mean it’s bad to text in class, but when you do, [you] might as well let it blend in with school supplies to get away with it.”

“I’d use it so I could set it on my desk in class,” said junior Jarrod Branscum.

“I’d use it because it seems sneaky,” said freshman Kaitlyn Pace. “Also, so I could text in class.”

“No, I wouldn’t use it; it’s ugly,” said freshman Kaylee Richardson.

“I wouldn’t use it, I just pull out my phone anyways, and it’s dumb,” said freshman Tyler Messina. “Phones should be allowed anyways.”

Even though Perridge sent out an email, some students like Branscum thinks that a few teachers will be on the watch.

“The ones that care [will look out for the case], while other teachers don’t care if you have a phone,” said Branscum.

“[They will] probably [be on look out] because it is going viral,” said Pace.

“They’re too busy teaching and probably don’t check their email,” said Richardson.