Students celebrate Halloween with tricks and treats


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Students show their Halloween spirit while attending a costume party. (Photo: McHugh)

Boo! It is the time of ghost sheets and mischievous doings. It is the time of being anything but yourself.

Here at Lecanto High School students are celebrating the holiday in a very festive manner.

Students seem to be really getting into the spirit this year, expressing their love for Halloween in many ways and for many reasons.

“Halloween is super exciting,” said junior Madison Gurgonus.

“I love the fact that on Halloween I’m just like everyone else, and candy is pretty sweet,” said junior Danny Herbert.

“Marilyn Monroe is my costume, because I love her and she inspires me,” said junior Emily Jonaitis.

Some students are even pairing up to be matching superheroes.

“I’m being Robin and my boyfriend, Cody, is being Batman,” said junior Victoria Newman. “I chose this because he loves Batman.”

Others are taking a different route instead of participating in the “trick-or-treating” event.

“I usually just buy the candy; now it’s different from when we were kids. Now, you don’t know where that candy has been,” said junior Alex Gressal. “I’d rather just eat my candy and enjoy a horror film.”

“I’m just staying home,” junior Danielle Yant said.

“I’m going ghost hunting this year,” Herbert said.

For others, Halloween is a completely different scene; it is the party scene and the opportunity to get crazy, and just enjoy the Halloween spirit.

“I’m attending the The Boogie Ball, it should be really fun,” Gurgonus said.

Even though it is late into the month and Halloween is creeping up rather quickly, some students have not had the chance to think of what they are going to be.

“I’m still not sure what I’m doing. I know that other people have all this stuff planned out, but I don’t know yet,” said junior Veronica Brown.