JV football team defeats Crystal River Pirates 38-18


The Panthers make a drive in the red zone for a Lecanto touchdown. (Photo: Brown)

The Lecanto High School Junior Varsity Football team defeated county rival Crystal River High Oct. 11 with a score of 38-18.

In the first quarter, Lecanto kicked the ball off to the Pirates. Caleb Casey scored the first touchdown of the game, catching the ball for Lecanto during an illegal block against CRHS. The ending score of the quarter was 6-0.

As second quarter came, Lecanto claimed two touchdowns scored by Teandre Hopkins, who received the ball in the end zone, and Ryan Grow, who ran the ball in the red zone. Crystal River also got a touchdown, making a two-point conversion, with the ending score for the quarter being 18-8, Panthers.

With the clock ticking away into third quarter, Travis McGee got two touchdowns for Lecanto. Crystal River also had a touchdown with a two-point conversion and multiple flags. Tyler Main intercepted the ball for a turnover in Lecanto’s favor, and Crystal River had an injury on the field. At this point, the score was 30-18.

In the fourth quarter, Lecanto scored a touchdown and logged a two-point conversion made by Teandre Hopkins. Kade King intercepted the ball twice from Crystal River, but Ryan Grow dropped the ball for Lecanto and ended with a turnover to Crystal River, with an ending score of 38-18.

Before the game, the JV football players and their peers had different ideas on how the game would turn out.

“I think that they’ll win and achieve as a team. Crystal River is not above our strengths,” said sophomore Alexis Bond. “They’ll give it their all; they’ve got it considering it’s their last game.”

“We’re ready to beat Crystal River. It’s our last game, and everyone is ready to play their hardest,” said freshman Lane Wells.

“I believe we will do well if we come out and play hard,” said freshman Jacob Sullivan.

Others were not confident that a victory would be at hand.

“Our players are good, but Crystal River has us beat here,” said freshman Anzli Lloyd.

“I think the JV players are going to try their best, but I don’t think they’ll win,” said freshman Sarah Hamilton.

Head coach McKinley Rolle believed in his JV football team and believed they would play well.

“I think we are going to play well. It’s a big rivalry game,” said Rolle. “Anytime we play a county game it’s a big deal.”