First quarter exams to occur on full school days


Juniors Samantha Ivkovic and Elionel Barcelo use class time to study for their upcoming exam in Michael Perridge’s class so they can get a good night’s rest the night before and be well prepared. (Photo: Brown)

All Citrus County schools will be having full school sessions on exam days, and students at Lecanto High School are not in favor of the exam day changes.

Students feel it will add more stress to their lives.

“I think having full days will be worse,” said junior Elionel Barcelo. “It adds more stress and gives us less time to study.”

“It will be hard when you’re done and you can’t sleep, talk to friends, or go home early and watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” said senior Terrence Council.

“Exam days are already stressful,” said freshman Hunter Carl. “I hate it; it should be a half day.”

“It’s going to be exhausting. It doesn’t help our minds,” said freshman Lisa Forges. “We will be thinking about the previous exam and how we did on it.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, it puts stress on the students and they won’t get a lot of sleep because they’ll be up studying,” said freshman Sam Roberts. “I also think the students are going to complain.”

Principal Jeff Davis sees it as a non-issue.

“I really do not have any preference either way,” said Davis.

Unlike Davis, assistant principal Shawyn Newman and math teacher Gina Carbone prefer half days.

“Half days are better for the students and teachers, but in this instance there was no choice because we must abide by what the Florida Department of Education rules,” said Newman.

“I prefer the half days. Students do not generally take exams well in the afternoon, and once exams are done in the morning, it is difficult to get them to concentrate on reviewing in the afternoon. Friday will be especially difficult if all exams are over and we have an afternoon to fill, given that those students will have already completed their final exams. It is also difficult for third block teachers to split exams over the lunch periods. Students cannot begin a final exam and then go to lunch, come back and complete the exam. This compromises test security, and therefore lunch schedules have to be adjusted. As you can tell, I do prefer the half days,” said Carbone.

The reason for exam days not being half days is because it is a “full-time equivalent week,” which has to do with funding for schools, and they must be full days. Another reason is the school board voted on a calendar for either a full or half day, and the majority voted for full school days. Students and teachers will have regular school days with all classes for this quarter, regardless of their opinions on the matter. Any complaints or suggestions received could change the fact year.