JV Panthers tackle the Bears for a win away from the Den


The Lecanto Panthers battle with the Central Bears for the ball. (Photo: Brown)

With football on its third week of the season, the Lecanto High School junior varsity football team headed to Central for a win with the score 20-16.

During the first quarter, Central scored the first touchdown plus an extra two points during the two-point conversion. Sophomore Chris Molinelli scored the first touchdown for Lecanto, but the teams missed the extra point kick, which brought the score at the end of the first quarter to 6-8.

In the second quarter, three penalties went against Central. Then Lecanto caught an interception for a turning point in the quarter. Freshman Layton Copeland ran 20 yards for a touchdown, then another two-point conversion was made by freshman Caleb Casey. The second quarter end score was 14-8.

After halftime, Molinelli scored another touchdown making the score 20-8, with more penalties on Central. At this time, freshman Tyler Main got injured on the field.

Once fourth quarter rolled in, Lecanto had it, and their confidence rose with determination for a win. Then Central scored six more points, leaving the end score 20-16.

Before the game, JV was hopeful for their performance during the game. They had confidence, and that is what a team needs to succeed.

“[I] always think we’ll win when we step out on that field,” said head coach MacKinley Rolle. “It’s not cockiness, it’s the confidence I have in the team.”

“I think we’re going to win because we’re Lecanto,” said freshman Aaron Cash.

Multiple players, like freshman Tyiler Armistead, believe that the greatest “quality” they have is their quarterback.

“He gets the ball where it needs to be,” said Armistead.

“Travis McGee is talented, but we’re good overall,” said freshman Tucker Henderson.

“The quarterback is smart and a good leader,” said Rolle. “There are a couple other kids that have good experience.”

Other players thought other qualities of the Lecanto team were good too.

“Our offensive line [is a good quality],” said freshman Ryan Grow.

“The team is the best quality,” said Cash. “We need everyone; there is no I in team.”