The show goes on at drama tryouts


Juniors Chris Baker and Sarah Chesser and seniors Miranda Barber and Jessica Poulin audition for an upcoming part in a drama production. (Photo: Filipinas)

The Lecanto High School Thespians club, troupe 4009, held auditions this week, an event that brought a lot of traffic to the performing arts program. Students from all four grade levels attended, eager to share their talents.

Drama teacher and club director Amanda Mathieu says that the general feel of auditions was good.

“I was pleasantly surprised at how many students showed up,” said Mathieu. “Over 40 [students] auditioned.”

Over the past week, students have been spending their afternoons in the Curtis Peterson Auditorium. They have been auditioning for parts in the two plays being put on this season, Funeral for a Gangster and Trapped.

The performers also have positive feedback about this week.

“I’m pretty confident auditioning,” said junior Sarah Chesser. “Mrs. Mathieu will ultimately choose what’s best for our production.”

The teachers and directors seem to agree when they say that the drama program is extremely important.

“Representation of the performing arts in our school is important,” said technical director Destin Black. “Students need a place to explore their talents.”

“Drama provides a place for creative people in our school to develop their talents,” said Mathieu.

Creativity has shined through, with students not only trying out for acting roles, but also for artistic and technical roles.

“It’s more than just acting; there’s a technical aspect as well,” Black added.

“What people need to realize is that the tech crew is just as important as the actors,” said junior Jessica Collins.

Mathieu has set her sights on expanding the program to include more large musical performances like a play planned to be performed this spring, Thoroughly Modern Millie.

“I’d like to see a really big musical, with a large cast and lots of dancers,” said Mathieu. “It would bring a lot of people [e.g. dancers, singers] to the program.”