Terrific T-shirt Tuesday: May 8, 2012


Senior Anna Heinzman pole vaulted to victory. (Photo: Amstead)

Every day LHS students face a hard decision regarding what to wear. The shirts they pull out of their closets not only show off the mood they are in, they show off the students’ own personalities. Shirts may display funny phrases, crazy prints or school spirit, but whatever the theme, there is always that one shirt that catches everyone’s eye. Each Tuesday, a unique T-shirt will be featured in the Daily Prowl.

This past weekend the state competition for track and field was held, and among the students that brought home medals was senior Anna Heinzman. She brought home a gold medal.

“I did the pole vault part of the competition,” said Heinzman. “I got first place in the whole state of Florida.

Heinzman received a T-shirt for her dedication and hard work throughout the season. She was given a white t-shirt from the state competition with a graphic that says: 2012 track and field finals.

“Coach Thompson got the shirt for me,” said Heinzsman.

Heinzsman really appreciates the gift; it is something that will remind her of the great victory she achieved.

“It’s a good way for me to remember the state meet,”said Heinzsman. “[It] feels pretty good to be number one.”