Question of the Week: May 3, 2012


Juniors Richie Rizzolo and Connor Dupler care about their parents the most. "The Madre, because she helps me out with everything that happens in my life and she's a true mom," Rizzolo said. "My dad, because he's always there for me and he supports me through everything I do," Dupler said.

Have you ever thought about who the most important person in your life is? The one person that you couldn’t function normally without? Think about it: a family member, teacher, boyfriend/girlfriend, or coach that helped shape you to who you are today? The Daily Prowl writers took the question to the halls of Lecanto High School to find out who really matters in their lives.

Many students chose family members who matter to them the most.

“My dad, because he’s the one who has been there for me the most in my life,” senior Crimson Eisenhower.

“My brothers, because they taught me so much in life, even if they had to beat the crap out of me to do it,” senior Adam Raynes said.

“My dad, because he’s my biggest supporter. He’s always shown up to every basketball and volleyball game, even field trips. We also get along really well because we’re a lot alike,” junior Marie Buckley said.

“My sister, because she is a role model to me, and I love her very much. She’s my favorite sister, even though she hates me half the time,” junior Lauren Siller said.

Others took on a more friendly approach.

“My best friend, Travis Lefke. He’s always there for me, always reminds me

“My mom, because she takes care of me. We like to hang out and do stuff together; we’re like homies,” senior Ryan Aldous said.

that I can do it, and he keeps me sane. Without him, I’d be a completely different person,” senior Amanda Higgins said.

“My girlfriend Katie, because she’s pretty, she makes me happy, and I always have fun when we’re together. I love her, and I would be lost without her,” junior Michael Teti said.

“My girlfriend Shelby, because I love her, and she keeps me happy,” junior Nic Avera said.

But junior Justin Seffern had a few independent words for the Daily Prowl writers.

“The most important person in my life is myself, because I am the only person who has been there for me. No one else can make me do anything I don’t want to do,” Seffern said.