Players hit the field for spring football

Spring Football is underway, giving LHS players an advantage over teams that might not have this conditioning opportunity. (Photo: Lewis)

The LHS boys are hitting the field once again, with football practice taking place almost every day.

There will be a lot of returning players next season, allowing LHS to have experienced players to come back on the field.

There will not be a green and white game this season, but there will be a spring game against Nature Coast High School May 18.

Spring football is a season for heavy training, when the players have the opportunity to get back in shape before the fall season starts. Spring training will allow the players to practice their positions.

Lecanto’s training exercises are great for the players, which will get them moving at a quicker pace and moving the ball around more easily.

“Well, we pretty much just run plays at practice,” said junior George Steele.

Besides all the workouts, it will be a fun time for the players since they get to meet up with their fellow teammates again for another round of football.

“We have pretty much all old players returning and a few new people joining,” sophomore Frankie Bartley.

Returning players are getting  pumped up and ready to play again. Most have been keeping their physical activity up for the time when football returns. New players, as well as incoming freshmen, have the opportunity to participate in spring training to see if they have what it takes to play for Lecanto.

“It is highly encouraged for students who go to Lecanto to play spring football,” said head coach McKinley Rolle.

During spring training they practice in full pads, and doing this gets players used to the weight during a game.

“We are practicing right now in full pads, so that they can get an advantage this summer,” said Rolle.