Musical Theater students stun with stellar showcase


Freshman Sebastian Campbell and junior Jessica Poulin sing together during the showcase. (Photo: Supplied)

The Lecanto High School musical theater class had a showcase that raised money for the musical theater department. The showcase was held in the Curtis Peterson Auditorium April 26, 27, and 28. The students that participated did songs from Grease, Rent, Prince, Sweeney Todd, Shrek and more.

Students and their family members were encouraged to attend to help provide funds for the drama department. Tickets were sold for five dollars.

Students had to stay after school in order to get the stage prepared for the performance.

The class also practiced in the CPA on many occasions, including the night before the first show, in order to make sure their routine was as polished as possible.

Students worked together to help  the show flow more smoothly.

“First and most important, the students who performed both on stage and behind the scenes were one of the best groups of students I have ever worked with at LHS. They were all dedicated to the show as a whole and each contributed individually to the show’s quality by hard work on their individual performances,” said chorus director Tom Bova.

For some students, working long hours after school paid off in the end to create a great showcase.

“For me as a freshman, it was my first actual show. Staying after school to set up was a great experience. I had a great time learing new songs and dances and working with new people,” said freshman Lizzy Ratliff.

The performers put on a good show for the audience. The musical theatre students worked diligently toward their recent performance and time will only tell what they will have in store for next year.