LHS AVID students visit UF


AVID is a program designed to teach the students the skills they need for academic excellence. (Photo: Supplied)

Tuesday, April 24, the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) students took a trip to Gainesville to visit University of Florida (UF).  The field trip was to show the Lecanto High School AVID students the qualities and opportunities UF has to offer.

The trip consisted of a tour of the campus and a chance to attend a baseball game.

Freshman Jocelyn Philipson thought the trip was a great opportunity that not many students had the chance to attend.

“Yes, I was considering attending UF after graduation the whole time we were in there,” said Philipson.  “It’s one of my favorite schools, and their credentials were a lot more satisfying than other colleges in Florida.”

University of Florida is located in Gainesville, FL. (Photo: Supplied)

The campus was pretty surprising for some of the AVID students.

Freshman Atika Graven injured her toe, but that still didn’t keep her from enjoying the tour and the campus’ view.

“The trip was so much fun, and the food court was amazing. They had a Subway, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and so much more,” said Gaven. “They had one whole building for Literature Arts, and there was a theatre. The dorms were awesome, and the people really friendly.”

Many students were really into the university as they explored what makes UF unique.

“I thought the trip was fun and educational. Throughout the tour, I kept considering the fact that I wanted to attend here in four years,” said freshman Katie Thomas.

“I really, really want to go to UF because of all the opportunities and success it can bring to my future,” freshman Patrick Lopez said.

“It’s was fun, but I’m not deciding yet. There are a lot more colleges in Florida, and until I see them all, I can’t make a decision,” said freshman Alexis Hamilton.

After seeing the campus, the students went to the field to enjoy the baseball game between UF and USF.

“My favorite part of the trip was the game. It was intense, and the sportsmanship made everything worth the while,” said Philipson.

“The baseball game was the best. Watching hundreds of fans scream their heads off, I loved it,” said Graven.