iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone: Which is better?


Junior Lloyd Justo uses his iPad to study for an upcoming test. (Photo: Supplied)

Many people disagree about which is better: the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad? This is a frequent topic discussed and debated among students throughout LHS.

The iPad, a newer creation from the Apple corporation released in early 2010, has swept the nation with its popularity, and many students here find it useful for school work when struggling with complicated homework.

“I think the iPad is the best between the three,” said sophomore Jimmy Carr. “They have more versatility than the iPod touch or iPhone. It is an eReader, game system, and mini computer packed into one great item.”

Other people who find more enjoyment from the iPhone more than the iPad are advocate users of it too.

“I own an iPhone,” said sophomore Alex Mead. “[It is the] greatest invention ever, in my opinion. It is involved with practically everything I do now.”

While kids have been playing with anything Apple-related for several years now, there is still a disagreement between which reigns supreme.

Some feel that the device is pretty good as long as it blasts music.

“I use an iPod touch,” said junior Nathan Kirkland. “It does not matter to me; if it plays music I will be fine with whatever it is. Apple just makes quality products.”

Others feel that the product with the best versatility is better.

“[I think] iPhones are so much better than an iPod touch,” said sophomore Micheal Romeo. “I can play games, music, call people and text. It is just the all-around better product.”

On the other hand, many students do not have an Apple product of their own.

“I do not own any iPod product,” said freshman Jackie Rosian. “I do not care about the arguments people make over them anyways, they are stupid.”

With the release of the iPhone 4S, there will be even more controversy between students. For now, students will have to decide for themselves which product is better and fits their general needs best.