Wild Card Friday, April 27, 2012: Panthers help stick it to cancer


Juniors Joey Gottberg and Shivam Radadia duct tape Assistant Principal Tony Whitehead to the wall in support of Relay for Life. (Photo: Englerth)

Lecanto High School staff members Ron Allan, Doug Sawyer, Tony Whitehead and Doug Connors supported the Relay for Life at Lecanto High School all this week by encouraging students to donate money in their honor. The contestant with the most money donated will get the opportunity to kick off the Relay by walking the first lap in the Panther mascot suit.

Allan has high hopes for this competition.

“Students get to support their favorite contestant, which brings money to the organization we’re trying to help. Hopefully we raise a bunch of money,” Allan said.

Sawyer reminds students that this event is all for a worthy cause.

“It affects all of us, really. We may have a dad, mom, sister, brother, aunt, uncle or other family member who is fighting cancer. Together, we can all win,” Sawyer said.

Each faculty contestant had a jar at the front of the lunchroom where students could donate for them to win the honor of running the first lap in the Panther mascot suit. (Photo: Englerth)

One contestant in particular went to extreme measures to try to raise awareness. Students who donated to the cause were given one piece of duct tape each to try to tape Whitehead to the wall.

“I’m doing this partly because my mom had cancer, so I’m a supporter of the efforts the Relay for Life is trying to accomplish. The other half is just because I love to come out here and have fun with you guys,” Whitehead said.

This fundraiser will continue until Friday, May 4.  Students and staff can continue to donate to support their favorite potential Panther.