Relay for life preparations are underway


A group of people walk around the track at Lecanto High School in preparation for the relay for life. (Photo: Supplied)

The relay for life event to benefit cancer research is coming up May 4 and 5, 2012.  During the event, people walk 24 hours to benefit cancer patients and find a cure for the sickness. There are separate donations at tents that are selling food and doing activities, and most of the money they earn is a donation.

“The Lecanto relay team averages about $400 on spot,” said math teacher Julia McHugh.

Just about everyone knows someone diagnosed with cancer. It is a disease that has touched the lives of many people. The relay for life helps support the those who are trying to find a cure for cancer, or methods that can help lower the risks of it.

Every year the relay for life is usually held in the same place and around the same date. There are side events that take place at the relay allowing people to have fun while also walking the track. In the past they have had a chewing gum contest, seeing who can chew the gum for the longest.

The relay is an all-day and all-night event that takes place at the Lecanto track. People participating in the event do not have to walk the entire time; some people come in the morning and leave mid-day, and people come at mid-day and go all night as well.

“Around 20 to 50 Lecanto students come to the relay and participate,” said McHugh.

Since a lot of people come to the relay at all different times, it is difficult to keep track of exactly how many people come to the event.

Each year the event has roughly the same amount of people who attend.

“Some years we have more people and sometimes we have fewer people, but it is usually the same,” said math teach Wendy Eyster.