Portrayals of parental preceptors


Senior Jessica Duffy is proud her mother, English teacher Suzanne Roxby, works at Lecanto. (Photo: Dwyer)

Students at Lecanto High School leave their homes in the mornings and do not see their parents until that afternoon when they come back home. Some students, however, see their parents during school and after school hours. A lot of parents work on the school campus, and this gives these specific students the leisure of having someone to go to or the dreadful thought of being embarrassed in front of their peers.

“With my mom being a teacher I still act stupid, get in trouble and do not get the best grades, but my mom is always right behind me when I need help or advice. It is nice knowing all I have to do is go to her room to get a hug and not have to wait all day until I get home,” freshman Annalee Garcia said.

The advantages and disadvantages of having your parent work at the school could be an endless list for teens that may be bullied or thought of as treated better. High school is a difficult time for kids to find their interests and figure out how to deal with different experiences on their own. Having a parent always around campus does not give a student better treatment than others.

“I have a closer relationship with some teachers because my mom is a teacher at Lecanto, but this does not give them the intentions of treating me any different,” senior Jessica Duffy said.

Teachers at Lecanto have the ‘inside scoop’ on what is going on around the school and what events might be coming u, so they have the advantage of telling their kids when different events are coming up that they need to look out for.

“My mom lets me know when things are happening and who to talk to about certain things. But teachers can also tell my mom if I do something wrong very easily, which can be a disadvantage,” junior Tommy Roberts said.

Parents can be embarrassing in their teens’ eyes at times, which can be hard for a student to be constantly talked about by their teacher who is also their parent.

“I usually am not embarrassed that my mom is a teacher, but the only time I am is when she shows everyone my baby pictures,” Roberts said.