Transformed by Elizabeth Barreto

Using only a fine point Sharpie Pen, junior Elizabeth Barreto took an old Greek story and turned it into art.

The Greek story of Daphne is about a woman who was loved by the god Apollon. He loved Daphne so much he pursued her until she became worn down and exhausted. In desperation, she cried out to Gaia, the goddess of the earth, who then transformed her into a laurel tree.

“[I wanted to] express ser sadness of turning into a tree but also her calm understanding,” Barreto explained.


Barreto expresses the Greek story of Daphne in her drawing. (Photo: Eno)



“My surroundings inspire me to draw, because the world, the people and the activities around us show me something interesting every day. My favorite thing to draw is people because I love the expressions people make. To me, it really tells the story of their thoughts and what they might be going through. My favorite artist is Dali. He portrays the world in a twisted way and then exaggerates it, but to me, everything he exaggerates has a really close resemblance to the real world.” -Barreto