Salsa Art Camp registration now open


Junior Daisy Souther asks art teacher Connie Phillips questions about the Salsa Art Camp. (Photo: Lewis)

Salsa Art Camp will take place this summer at Lecanto High School for students in grades kindergarten through ninth grade. This camp will include drawing, cartooning, hand-built creations, wheel pottery, sculptures, handmade paper, weaving, printmaking, painting and dying silk, glass fusing and tons of more things.

“It’s another time for many students to exercise their creativity,” said art teacher David Brown.

The cost to put your child into the camp is $120.00 and must be received with a completed registration form by May 11, 2012. The cost may seem a little pricey, but it is good experience for any kid who is interested in art.

“By going to the camp, it grants them experience with art for later on,” said Brown.

This camp is a great activity for kids allowing them to have fun while also making art and letting them bring out their imagination on what they make. The camp is also a fundraiser; the money will be used to enhance Lecanto School of Art’s sculpture, pottery and the culinary arts programs.

Students will be separated into groups by grade levels and must see a certain amount of instructors each day. This allows the students to socialize with others around their age and grade.

Grades kindergarten to second will see four instructors a day. Their instructors design new and fun projects. For this year, kids will tie dye t-shirts, work with clay, paint, weave and do other fun activities.

Grades third through fifth will do glass fusing, make paper, printmaking, sculpture, work with clay and other activities. They will see three instructors each day who will design exciting projects for their age.

As for grades sixth through ninth, they will be in a clay studio and will use pottery wheels. Other activities include going to the t-shirt lab for computer graphics skills, extensive weaving and printmaking and using a food lab to create different kinds of food. The classes will be limited in size to maximize the experience.

The camp is a good way to have your child experience some really fun and exciting fundamentals having to do with art. It is a good way to boost your child’s imagination when it comes to art.

“We usually have around 120 students that sign up for the camp each year,” said Brown.