Incoming freshmen welcomed to Lecanto High School


The wrestling station is set up for interested freshmen to inquire about the program. (Photo: Mejia)

Every year incoming freshmen who are zoned for LHS are prompted to go to the orientation. The orientation is to show the incoming students what it will be like to come to high school and what clubs, sports and extra curricular activities are available to freshmen.

The orientation  begins in the  Curtis Peterson Auditorium. Students and parents have the opportunity to hear an overview about high school and then visit academic and extra-curricular booths in and around the gymnasium.

For some of the incoming students, orientation can be a scary experience.

“Walking into Lecanto High School for the first time to go into orientation was really nerve-racking, but I think that it was good for all of us incoming freshman to be prepared for next year,” said  incoming freshman Monique Meigs

Others enjoyed the experience.

Incoming freshmen show interest in the drama station. (Photo: Mejia)

“Coming to the orientation was actually fun; I think now that I came I will know what to look forward to,” said  incoming freshman Kimberly Zarbo.

The booths are there to show the different types of academic activities and sports that the school has to offer, as well as what they entail.

“I think being in school sports and activities are a good way to make your high school experience more fun. I look forward to coming to LHS next year,”  said Danny Padgett.

This event is an opportunity for parents and students to get some insight about the school and get to know a little more about what will go on in their child’s freshman year.

 The following week, high school guidance counselors visited both middle schools to collect registration forms from the students.