Terrific T-shirt Tuesday: February 7, 2012


Freshman Miranda Kirkland not only enjoys listening to the music by Mayday Parade, she enjoys advertising her favorite band on her shirt. (Photo: Amstead)

Every day LHS students face a hard decision with what to wear. The shirts they pull out of their closets not only show off the mood they are in, they show off the students’ own personalities. Shirts may display funny phrases, crazy prints or school spirit, but whatever the theme, there is always that one shirt that catches everyone’s eye. Each Tuesday, a unique t-shirt will be featured in the Daily Prowl.

Upon waking up and getting dressed this morning, freshman Miranda Kirkland pulled out a shirt featuring her favorite band: Mayday Parade. She first came upon the shirt at a table decorated with shirts of all kinds of bands when she went to the Vans Warped Tour.

“I bought it at a ‘merch’ table during Warped Tour,” said Kirkland. “It was $20.”

She wore the shirt today because she loves to listen to the tunes by Mayday Parade.

“I saw it and thought it was cool,” said Kirkland. “They are one of my favorite bands.”

Kirkland not only got to listen to music of a variety of bands, she got an awesome t-shirt with good friends at Warped Tour.

” Yes, [I was] with my best friends Savannah and Anthony,” said Kirkland.