Nashville Auto-Diesel College representative visits Lecanto


Senior Austin Prather took a brochure from the NADC representative following his presentation. (Photo: Menietti)

Tuesday, January 31, Steve Head, a representative from Nashville Auto-Diesel College (NADC) came to Lecanto High School in an attempt to recruit some of the students in vocational teacher Steven Richardson’s classes.

NADC is a college in Nashville, Tennesse, that specializes in automobiles and the designing of them. It offers a variety of classes for the students to choose from, and the school’s courses are a total of 13 months each. The classes range from high performance fabrication to high performance.

Each student that attends NADC has to have an interest in hands-on learning, the make up of an automobile, or anything having to do with vehicles. NADC offers advanced training in multiple programs that they offer at their college.

Head had one reason and one reason only for coming to LHS, and that was to get students involved in school and to get them motivated to get into college so they can start their life.

Head believes that people need jobs to survive on their own, and nowadays college is really the only way into getting a good, stable job or career. He also stated that many people complain about their jobs and really dislike them, but people can not always get what they want.

“Do you know what is worse than hating your job? Not having a job,” Head said.

Some students have thought about attending NADC, but they still are not too sure on what they want to do after high school. Either way, most of them are still positive on picking a college path after high school.

Steve Head gave a Powerpoint presentation about the Nashville Auto-Diesel College to Richardson's classes. (Photo: Menietti)

“I am interested in going into Withlacoochee Technical Institute for criminal justice, then to Florida Wildlife Commission. [NADC] has crossed my mind, and I would like to go, but I see myself in an officer position more,” senior Austin Prather said.

Some of the students that already go to NADC have taken the classes that they want to attend and are planning on taking more, considering that it is a 13 month school.

Richardson wants his students to succeed in life and believes that they all have a good future ahead of them. His students already learn by hands-on activities, so why not continue that learning style throughout their schooling?

“My interest is for the students to go [to college]. I bring all the representatives from the various colleges in for opportunities for the students to go [out and explore for their future],” Richardson said.