Confessions of LHS gameaholics


Junior Zuhair Sami marvels at the Guitar Hero promotional poster. (Photo: Haffner)

Video games have become a part of our society and an important part of many students’ lives. Gamers, gameaholics, and other terms are used for people who spend their free time playing video games.  For some people, these activities are their life’s work, playing games for long periods of time, while putting off their homework and other work until the last-minute.

Freshman John Steely is a prime example of a gameaholic.

“For weekends, I normally play around seven hours at the most,” Steely said. “I mostly spend my time playing a variety of games.”

Investing in video games, consoles, and accessories can cost a lot of money for and seem unnecessary to the average person. However, for a gamer, it could be worth it to have the newest paraphernalia.

Freshman Roy Dela Cruz is a gamer who has spent his money wisely, over a period of ten years, increasing his collection of games.

“I don’t spend much on the consoles, but for games and accessories, [I have spent] around $4200 all together,” said Dela Cruz. “I have about 70 games for the Wii. The rest, my brother has with him.”

Senior Thomas Greenman plays a game on his phone during some downtime before school. (Photo: Haffner)

Since gamers spend plenty of their “free time” playing games, they could be neglecting their homework,  daydreaming during class time, and fantasizing about playing that new game they just got.

Freshman Claude Beckett regrets spending too much time on video games.

“Because of video games,” said Beckett, ” I failed one of my classes last semester.”

Some video game genres provide a better understanding of material learned in the classroom, such as historical war games, real-time strategy (for thinking skills), and tycoon games (for economic purposes).

“It doesn’t really interfere with my schoolwork at all,” Steely said. “In fact, it kind of helps me with subjects like history.”