Students enjoy the benefits of driving


Students rush to their cars after the school day is over. (Photo: Chesser)

Driving is a privilege and an important step in a teenager’s life. Students wait until they are 16 or 17 to achieve this particular goal in obtaining their own driver’s license.

At LHS, an estimated 260 students drive to school and have certified parking permits.

Students who are allowed to drive to school must complete certain requirements in order to obtain a parking spot.

“[Students] need to complete a teen drivers course packet, have a 2.0 GPA and a valid operator drivers license,” said attendance secretary Diedra Newton. “[Students also] need to have a vehicle registration form and car insurance.”

Though parking spots are offered to LHS students, not everyone can apply.

“Right now, only juniors and seniors are able to have parking spots,” said Newton.

Students simply enjoy the fact that they are able to drive themselves anywhere.

“The best part about driving is getting away from home and parents. Also, [being able] to go to school and go to friend’s house,” said junior David McNall.

Another student explained that driving and having a car is the best thing ever.

“You have the freedom to go anywhere you wish,” said junior Kelena Klippel.

More and more students choose to drive to school rather than taking the bus.

“There are several benefits [of driving to school]. The biggest benefit would be not having to get up so early,” said junior Cortney Toomey. “Another benefit would be the fact that you can keep the temperature to your standards and the way you like it. I love driving.”