Question of the Week: November 3, 2011


A faint image of Internet phenomenon Slender Man appeared on the front page of the school website. (Photo:

Students in web design teacher Sandra Durham’s Web Design 3 class help maintain the LHS web page. A mysterious image appeared on the main page sometime last week that appears to be of the phenomenon “Slender Man,” made famous by a video series by Youtube user “MarbleHornets.”

Senior Joey Serrano is a web design student who claims responsibility for the appearance of Slender Man.

"I'm the one who put that on there," senior Joey Serrano said. (Photo: Turner)

“Halloween was coming up, and I wanted to enlighten our website and get it ready for Halloween,” Serrano said. “Slender Man is a scary dude.”

However, Serrano could have been bribed by Slender Man himself. The DailyProwl informed students of the phenomenon and recorded their reactions.

How do you feel about Slender Man being on the school website?

“It freaks me out,” junior Reis Foster said. (Photo: Turner)

“It’s really creepy, but it’s awesome,” sophomore Kaitlin Strmiska said.

“It’s unique,” junior Shane Pellegrine said.

“It looks like an alien about to make a cornfield,” sophomore Stella Edmondson said.

“It looks like it’s from the game ‘Penumbra,'” junior Tori Patterson said.

“Why does he have long fingers?” sophomore Chris Baker said. “It looks like Roswell dressed in a tuxedo.”

"Is that an alien in a James Bond suit?" freshman Cassandra Lefevers said. (Photo: Turner)

“It makes me feel like we’re getting stalked,” senior Brandin Brady said.

“Slender Man is amazing,” junior Tommy Roberts said.

“I laughed when I saw it,” sophomore Sarah Hills said. “I’m probably the only one in the room who knows the reference.”