Why is that cheerleader on the field with the band?

Amongst band, cheerleading, and the Pre-International Baccalaureate program, sophomore Samantha Gangi challenges herself in and out of school.

“It’s hectic because I have a lot of homework, and I have to split my time,” Gangi said.

Gangi is a varsity cheerleader and a part of the Lecanto High School band program. She enjoys being a part of something big.

“I think my favorite part about being in band is spending time with my friends and doing something I love,” Gangi said.

Being in front of a crowd comes second nature to her now.

Gangi puts down her pom-poms for a baritone during halftime. (Photo: Poyner)

Her fellow cheerleaders  love the fact that she can handle being both a cheerleader and a band member.

“They love that there’s good advertising for band. It shows that people can do both,” Gangi said.

While she loves band, she has the same passion for cheerleading as well.

“I love being a cheerleader. I like being able to cheer and do band,” Gangi said.

She goes on the field to play her instrument and march with the team in her cheerleading uniform.

“It’s weird doing that because it’s so much different from being in [a] band uniform,” Gangi said.

When she walks on the field in her cheerleading uniform everyone is in shock.

“It’s cool to see everyone’s face when a cheerleader comes out,” Gangi said.

You can watch Gangi cheer at the next LHS varsity football game October 7 at Wildwood High School.