Tyler’s Tie Tells All: October 17, 2011


Tyler's tie tells Lecanto to have fun but follow the rules during homecoming week. (Photo: Eno)

Principal Kelly Tyler’s tie possesses mystical powers that predict the coming week of school activity. Expert tie interpreters from newspaper teacher Jennifer Poyner’s journalism class have deciphered the messages that Tyler’s tie is sending our way.

Homecoming week is always crazy, but according to Tyler’s tie the light and dark blue squares represent power, knowledge, tranquility and seriousness.

The halls this week will be flooded with students dressed up as football fans, hippies and silly cartoon characters, but administration and faculty will still be cracking down on dress code.

Although the school rules still apply, the white colored squares indicate that this week’s fun will not be rained upon, so enjoy the 2011-12 homecoming week and participate in as many activities as possible, because believe it or not, high school does not last forever.

Tyler’s Tie and the Lecanto High School Panther Prowl are not real psychics; we just play them on our news website. Remember, make it a great week or not Panthers, the choice is yours!