Terrific T-shirt Tuesday: October 4, 2011


The slogan "The House Always Wins" hints at the menacing theme adopted for Halloween Horror Nights 21 at Universal Studios, Orlando. (Photo: Turner)

Lecanto High School students walk through the hallways daily with shirts that show off their personal style. Camouflage, tie-dye, rainbow, floral, stripes, animal prints, cartoon; whatever the theme, there’s always that one shirt that catches everyone’s eye. Each Tuesday, a unique t-shirt will be featured in the Daily Prowl.

Senior Phoenix Stokes attended Halloween Horror Nights 21 at Universal Studios Saturday, Oct. 1. She bought the event shirt as a souvenir.

The back of Stokes’ shirt features advertisements for the attractions from Halloween Horror Nights. (Photo: Turner)

As this year is the 21st anniversary of the event, much of the merchandise from this year’s Halloween Horror Nights has a casino motif, a pun on 21, the best number to accumulate in the card game of blackjack.

The front of the shirt has the slogan “The House Always Wins” scrawled in menacing red lettering while the back features eight of the attractions at Halloween Horror Nights 21. Stokes pointed out a 3-D haunted house called “The In-Between” as the most memorable.

The shirt cost Stokes $21, and was purchased at the event the night she attended. Stokes was satisfied with her experience.

“I just love Halloween,” Stokes said. “It’s one of my favorite holidays.”