T.A. students give a helping hand to Lecanto Primary School

The Lecanto High School Education Academy looks for students who have an interest in working in the field of education.

 The LHS Education Academy provides Teacher Assisting (T.A.) students to help out in the Lecanto Primary School. T.A. 1,2,3, & 4 are all classes that are part of the Education Academy.

“The purpose of the class is to give students that think they may want a career working with children some experience in a classroom,” said T.A. Advisor Michelle Fretz. 

Juniors Megan Jervis and Uncle Sam Bellipanni take notes while helping out the teachers at Lecanto Primary School. (Photo: Fretz)

 It is beneficial for students to take Teacher Assisting 1 through 4 to get the whole experience that teachers go through daily.

“[Students] will have about 175 hours of practical experience working with the Lecanto Primary teacher and their students,” said Fretz. ” They will know for sure if this is the right career for them [and they also] learn that it is not all fun and games.”

Fretz teaches her students about the basics of education, such as children’s literature, classroom management and health and safety in the classroom.  The students also learn how to make lesson plans, to create bulletin boards, and about professionalism and ethics. Fretz also teaches students how to use technology since it is becoming a big part of  the education system.

 The program teaches the T.A. students what they will be doing if they teach at the primary school.

 “They work with the children in small groups, one-on-one and sometimes with the whole class. They also help the teacher grade papers, do bulletin boards, get

Junior Michael Teti sits among a group of priamry students. (Photo: Fretz)

supplies ready for an activity, run off copies, and more,” said Fretz.

Junior Jordan Farmer is one of a few that has joined the Teacher Assisting program because she has an interest in working in the field of education someday.

“I decided to take T.A. because I love [working] with kids and I want to become a teacher,” said Farmer. ” The best part about the program is that it helps me decide what grade I want to teach.”