Students take a ride in a time machine for Throwback Thursday


Juniors show their creative side with a taste of the 70s. (Photo: Dela Cruz)

The 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s were all in the past, but on Throwback Thursday, also known as Decade Day, all four decades were revived for the sake of Spirit Week at LHS. The sight of Greasers, Hippies, and people with extremely bright clothing was displayed throughout the halls.

Each grade level was assigned a specific decade, as follows:

Freshmen – 50s
Sophomores – 60s
Juniors – 70s
Seniors – 80s

Freshman Brady Walters wears his "Greaser" jacket coolly to show the 50s style. (Photo: Dela Cruz)


Various students gave their feedback before Thursday on what they would be wearing for Decade Day. Although some were unsure of what they’d wear for their decade, others provided definite ideas on their wardrobe. The students never actually lived during their representative decades, but that does not stop them from displaying their perspective for each era.

Sophomore Lillian French represented the peace, tie-dye and headband style of the 60s. (Photo: Dela Cruz)

The iconic movie “Grease” seems to be an inspiration for the freshman class’ 50s wardrobe.

“I might slick back my hair and wear a leather jacket,” said freshman Alex Alt.  “I think that it’s a great way to see how our culture has evolved through the years.”

 The degree of each student’s costume seemed to be only limited by his or her creativity. Some gave their reasons for dressing up.

“I’m an art student, so I wanted to dress up as loud as possible,” senior Haylee Chelkonas said.

Seniors Elizabeth Easterday and Jessica Duffy display the 80s vibe with bright colors. (Photo: Dela Cruz)

Thursday served a display of memories as well as an insight on the fashion, relative to each decade.

Reminder: Friday will be Spirit Day. Students can wear school or class colors.