Singing their way to Stetson

Lecanto High School chorus teacher Tom Bova took a few of his best students to Stetson University in Central Fl. for an overnight trip.

Bova stands with some of his students after a long day of rehearsals. (Photo: Bova)

 Bova has gone on this trip for eight years and still feels confident that it teaches students to learn new songs and the ability to withstand four-hour practices.

Senior Melanesia Thomas was aware of the difficulty in university courses, but felt she could work to her best ability.

“[The rehearsals] are fun, but intense,” said Thomas. “I have never seen or heard the songs [we performed], but you just have to go with the flow and belt the songs out like you know them.”

Skills and the ability to endure a long rehearsals is what Bova looks for when choosing students to visit the university.

“The students have to have been in class at least two years and they must be able to concentrate,” Bova explained. “That is the main quality I look for when choosing [students].”

Chorus students pose for a group photo before performing their assigned songs. (Photo: Bova)

Junior Ruben Gonzales has high hopes for a future singing career.

“I am a beast singer. I sound like Chris Brown and Drake combined,” Gonzales said.

Going on the trip seemed to give students a relief from stress.

“[Going to Stetson] was extremely fun. We sang a variety of unique songs, and I wish I could go again just for the experience,” said Gonzales.