Selling candles to raise some cash

The drama department has been raising money through a Yankee Candle fundraiser. Drama teacher Mandy Mathieu led this fundraiser, but the students are the ones who sold the candles.

The money earned from the fundraiser is going towards the drama class and club’s new plays. They need new supplies for both of the plays, so money is a major issue.

Mathieu trying to make a sale to seniors Travis Lefke and Michael-Bryan Kelly. (Photo: Bush)

“The money is going to be used to buy costumes, sets, royalties and competition fees,” explained Mathieu. “We need to buy all that twice for both plays.”

Even with all the new things to get, the candles were still inexpensive to buy, with a price range of $5 to $25.

“It’s five dollars for a car air freshener to twenty-five dollars for a candle jar,” said Mathieu. “With lots in between.”

The fundraiser has finished, but the results are still being counted.

“It looks to have gone well,” said Mathieu. “If it doesn’t, we have more fundraisers coming up.”