Seeing double…and triple

Some kids want their birthday to be all about them, but there are a special few who have to share it with their brother or sister. Twins sometimes fight over who was born first or who is better, but our sets of twins and triplets at Lecanto High School are different.

The Van Quelef triplets, for instance, don’t fight over who was born first, because they know. Andreanna was born first, then Loren, and Summer came last. Although they are ok with it now, it was hard to accept at first.

“I used to cry when it was [our] birthday when I was little, but it’s cool,” said sophomore Loren Van Quelef.

Loren and summer, two of the three triplets, smile arm in arm together. (Photo:Garcia)

 The Buck twins have a different story. Marissa and Kristin are twins but do not share the same birth date. Marissa was born first on January 7 at 11:43 p.m.  and Kristin was born on January 8 at 12:25 a.m.. Even though they do not share the same birthday, they are still very competitive with each other in sports and activities.

“We always try to one-up each other,'” said junior Kristin Buck.

Triplets and twins are said to have some kind of telepathy, but only some actually believe they do.

All the Van Quelef’s say they experience some sort of telepathy, but it depends on the situation. The Buck twins say that they do not experience any telepathy between them.

“We’re really similar, but we don’t [have] telepathy, that’s just weird,” said K. Buck

To these girls, being and having a twin or triplet is so great that they want twins themselves, except for M. Buck who said,” I know what my mom had to deal with.” But she then went on to say, “It’s cool always having a friend.”