New club offers a place for students to share and support one another

The “What About Life?” club is a new addition to activity day. This club was created by senior Zachery Moore. He was inspired by his youth group and ministries to create a club.

Moore created this club for any student that needs help with problems or issues going on in his or her life. He wanted his club to be a refuge for those who feel left out and in need of friends.

The "What About Life?" club is about dealing with life's ups and downs. (Photo: Garcia)

“[ The point of the club is] to have fun in school and help kids that feel alone, [and] to come together and be friends,” said Moore.

The club is more than a safe haven from the stress of life, they also plan to have discussions and reviews on books, games and music. But Moore says his main focus is the “day-to-day things that people do not want, like judgment.”

Since the October activity day was canceled, Moore plans to have the first meeting of his club on Thursday, October 27. The club has a sponsor but has no place to meet. Any teacher who has the time and would like to offer his or her classroom as a location, please contact Zachary Moore.