Link Crew makes for a smooth transition

Lecanto High School had approximately 400 new freshmen begin a new high school journey this year, and Link Crew was the group that showed them the school and made them feel welcome and comfortable.

Link Crew is a group of sophomores, juniors, and seniors that have been chosen to help the new freshmen get used to the school, find their classes, and learn how to fit into a high school setting.

“It’s a club that helps students enter into a new environment. Instead of using adults, the club uses fellow students that have been trained in various activities. They have also gone through the same experiences that the freshmen will go through,” said Link Crew Sponsor Rick Keeran.

Junior Kirk Osburn shows freshman Brandon Weiss his way around the school. (Photo: Raynes)

In every freshman home room, there are about four link crew leaders that are providing freshmen with paperwork they need for that day and also making sure they are fitting in well. To make sure the leaders are doing their job, a few members are known as commissioners to check up on the leaders.

“I have to make sure the leaders are giving out correct information, but I also want to make sure the freshmen are not being shy and enjoying highschool,” said Link Crew Commissioner Guillermo Nunez.

Getting used to high school can be tough, and the link crew members enjoy helping out the freshmen and helping them fit in.

“I like making the new students get used to the school and not have to worry about where to go,” said Commissioner Samantha Williams.

Link Crew members really enjoy being  a part of this club because they as well get to get out of their comfort zones and have a good time.

“Link is a lot of fun. I like making fun of myself so the freshmen get a little bit more comfortable,” Nunez said.

The freshmen appreciate their leaders and are happy that they are there to help them.

“One of my link crew leaders is Kirk Osburn. he helped me a lot in the first week of school with finding my classes and getting used to things,” said freshman Brandon Weiss.

The new freshmen are fitting into LHS well, and they are appreciative of their link crew leaders.

“My leaders are great, and I’m really happy that they’re here for us,” Weiss said.