LHS students show their character on Tuesday’s Spirit Day


Sophomores Gavn Russ and Kyle Ramsey leave the gaming world behind as Pac-Man runs away from Inky the ghost in the cafeteria. (Photo: Bush)


Some interesting personalities graced the halls of Lecanto High Tuesday, Oct. 18. Students dressed up as their favorite characters from television, movies, history, or just about any other medium. Anyone from the Avatar to Woody from “Toy Story” can be seen on Character Day.

Senior Andrew Dupler dressed as “The Situation” from the TV show “Jersey Shore.” He is compete with shirt, glasses and earrings.

“I dressed as this because one of my friends is Snooki today,” said Dupler.

Senior Kari Seymour was a pirate based loosely off of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Students also dressed in pairs. M&Ms and whoopie cushions have dressed together, along with few Mario Brothers as well.

Senior Kari Seymour shows off her pirate style for Character Day. (Photo: Bush)

Sophomores Gavn Russ and Kyle Ramsey dressed together as Pac-Man and the Blue Ghost to be different from the crowd. Ramsey chased Russ through the halls to act like their characters.

“We dressed as this because we wanted to be unique,” said Russ. “No one else would do this.”

Russ and Ramsey weren’t the only video game-inspired characters. Juniors Fabian Zerby and Michael Olson were Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros.

Pairs were seen throughout the day, such as Mario and Luigi, a.k.a. juniors Michael Olson and Fabian Zerby. (Photo: Bush)

LHS’ spirit week is off to a great start with plenty of participants on the dress-up days. Let’s keep this up the rest of the week with quality and quantity.

Reminder: Tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday!