Graduation recovery classes offer a new option for students who lack credits

Junior Carter Nichols works on an offline assignment as part of the graduation recovery program. (Photo: Poyner)

This year, students who were missing credits needed for graduation found that instead of having grade forgiveness classes on their schedule, they had a class called graduation recovery.

The graduation recovery and grade forgiveness classes have similar purposes.

“Both work the same [way]. They are just ways to make up the credits,” said math teacher Rick Keeran.

“[It is] an opportunity for grade forgiveness, but it’s better because [the students] can work at their own pace,” said Keeran.

In past years, students who were missing credits had to retake the class they needed the credits for in what was once called grade forgiveness. However, this was quite time consuming for students that had several credits to make up.

As a student that had already experienced the grade forgiveness course and is now in the process of taking graduation recovery, senior Devon Vernon believes graduation recovery is the better option.

“Graduation recovery is quicker because it’s on the computer. I like how I can work at my own pace,” said Vernon.

Students are free to work at their own pace completing one course at a time, allowing them to finish earlier than they thought possible.

“Steady progress allows for them to finish earlier than expected. As long as they keep a steady progress, they’ll finish with spare time,” said Keeran.  “[After they finish one course they] move on to the next course they’re ready for.  If there are no more [courses that they need], then they go back in to regular classes.”

One misconception about the graduation recovery class is that it is just like Florida Virtual Schooling (FLVS). However, FLVS offers both core and elective classes that can be taken at any point in time, and graduation recovery is generally a senior class to solely retake core classes like English, math, etc. that students have previously failed or simply not had room to take in their past schedules.

From both a student’s and teacher’s point of view, the graduation recovery class is beneficial.

“I don’t think there are any downfalls. It helps them get the credits they need to graduate,” said Keeran.

“[Even though] it’s boring and I want to fall asleep sometimes I like it better on the computer because it’s quicker and I get to work  independently,” said Vernon.