ATCS members make a difference


American Teen Cancer Society sponsor Julia McHugh gives a smile to welcome members to an after school meeting. (Photo: Suggs)

The American Teen Cancer Society, otherwise known as ATCS  is an organization that has been established to target teens who want to help the fight against cancer.  Every year Lecanto High School holds a Relay-for-life event on the football field.  The ATCS  directs a variety of games and activities to raise money for the cause.

LHS teacher Julia  McHugh heads the ATCS association. She has been actively involved with ATCS for the past five years.

“There is definitely an emotional connection. I do it for personal reasons. I have many family members who have had cancer,” McHugh said.

Sophomore Suraj Radadia has been a member of ATCS for two years now. He is motivated by knowing he can “make a difference and do something to help out.” 

“Yes , of course it has an effect [on my personal life].  It makes me feel like I can help fight cancer,” Radadia said.

ATCS is an association that is trying hard to make a difference and stand up to fight cancer. Their goal is to raise as much money as they can to save a life. From their members, the ATCS asks for passion, time and creativity. 

All LHS students are invited to join the ATCS and help make a difference in someone’s life.